Zandiyeh Complex & Eram garden

Zandiyeh Complex & Eram garden


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Be sure of our certified tour leaders, and our experienced driver. Our company is under the authorization of Iran's heritage and cultural organization.



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Bazaar vakil :

The most famous and largest covered bazaar in Iran is situated in city center. While visiting there you will have optional shopping opportunities from handicraft shops to spices.

You will feel Vakil bazaar is a vibrant place while smelling the scents of spices and herbs and watching colorful fabrics.

Karim  khan Citadel:

In 1766 royal palace of Karim Khan King of Zandiyeh dynasty, now is completely considered as a Persian palace which is decorated with wooden inlay rooms and big pond with fountains surrounded by orange trees.

Now, it is controlled by Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization which some part of it now a photo museum.


Vakil Bath:

Don’t forget to visit the royal Bath of Zandiyeh dynasty which now is turned into a museum of statues. You will get acquainted with Iranian culture and traditional lifestyle there.


Vakil mosque :

Vakil mosque with its authentic atmosphere, colorful tiles, plenty of beautiful, columns and a precious manbar was built between 1751 and 1773 during the Zandiyeh dynasty next to the entrance of  Vakil Bazaar. You can take beautiful photos in this spiritual place and enjoy your time.



Eram garden:

A piece of heaven which is surrounded by dry mountains that is the most beautiful and famous Persian garden in Iran. Both the building and the garden were built during the middle of 20th century by the Qashqai tribes of Fars.

The structure housed 32 rooms on two stories, decorated by tiles with poems of Hafez. Now it is under the superision of Shiraz university, with lables on all trees and bushes.