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Achaemenid & poets


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Be sure of our certified tour leaders, and our experienced driver. Our company is under the authorization of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Iran.



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Legendary city of Persepolis, is the former of Darius the Great which founded in 515 BC. There was no more impressive construction in the ancient world. Persepolis is the most famous place in the Middle East; everybody on the ground has gone there once or has heard about it. So, don't miss it.




Hafez is one of the greatest poets of the world. In his memory, a small dome –like structure was erected in 1452. You can find Hafez book in every Iranian house after Quran.

Goethe, the German poet was influenced by Hafez and he has a poem about him. The atmosphere of his tome is awesome and you can listen to traditional music and be relaxed at a teahouse there.



 Tomb of Sa'di:

Visiting the tomb of the great poet of Bustan and Golestan which are famous books in pose and verse of 13th.

When going there, don't forget to make wishes and throw coins into the pond. Take a rest and drink tea in a lovely teahouse around qanat there.